Monday, January 31, 2011

Matching Mondays


Luka age 6.
This little guy is tugging at my heart...please take a peek at his information and share it with others.
I believe there is a special family being prepared for this sweet boy!

I have information on a 11 year old darling girl!  I do not have permission (yet) to put her information on my blog.  I am working on it.   She is in Utah, was born in Haiti and loves to sing.   If you would like more information please email me at smalladventuresfamily at gmail dot com.

Lane County Heart Gallery has added so many new children I couldn't pick just one.  I was really surprised to see how many were added.  Go take a peek.

Spence-Chapin has more waiting infants.

Yesterday on my blog post I encouraged families who are trying to adopt to send out a special valentine to family and friends including their desire to adopt, how their family and friends can help and include their pass along card and/or web profile etc.
Today I want to encourage those who love children to send a valentine to people you know and include a pass-along card of one of these waiting children here in Utah or check your local Heart Gallery for pass along cards for your states children.
For can contact the Utah Adoption Exchange (Ph.801.265.0444 ) to get cards for Utah's Children.

Help increase their chances by increasing awareness.  


The Loves said...

Tried to email you about the 11 year old girl listed today on Matching Mondays, but the delivery failed to that address. Any other way?

SmallAdventures said...

hmmm I wonder why it failed. strange! you can email me at cutefamilyof5 at gmail dot com
Sorry about the problems...not sure what the deal is.