Monday, January 10, 2011

Thumbs Up to Miracles!

On December 29th around 2:30pm Spencer grabbed the cord of his sister's flat iron and got it down from the counter and decided to try and figure out what it was.  Sadly it was very hot and he burned his thumb.   He screamed like never before and we knew something terrible had just happened.  We ran to him, figured out what happened and started running cold water on his burn.  We could tell very quickly this wasn't a burn we could just take care of at home.  We called the doctor and they had us bring him in right away.  They told us it was a 2nd degree burn and they put some special wrappings on and told us to keep pain meds going.

Spencer's burn before debridement.
   We returned two days later for the "debridement".   They cute off all the dead skin and then wrapped it again in the special bandages and taught us how to do it.   We had to change wrappings each day until we could be seen in the University of Utah Burn Center.

On January 4th Spencer was seen at the burn center.  They were very concerned because he was not healing. They shared with us that this was actually at 3rd degree burn rather than the 2nd degree was first thought.    I wish I had a picture to share with you so you could see how it looked.  They decided to give him 6 days and if there was no sign of healing we would be consulting with a surgeon for a skin graft surgery.  This was not news we wanted to hear!   At this point in time Spencer had come down with a horrible virus and ended up with double ear infections.   They told us that healing would be slowed down by the virus since his body would be trying to heal and fight off the illness.   So I left the Burn Center worried.  

Two days before the Burn Center appointment it was Fast Sunday and I fasted for my little guy asking Heavenly Father to bless him that his burn would heal quickly and that he would not suffer infection.  That Sunday he also received a Priesthood Blessing asking Heavenly Father for healing.   We continued to pray and ask for help and many of our family members were praying too.  

Today I witnessed an amazing miracle!

We had appointment at the Burn Center.
It has been 6 days since we were told he wasn't healing. 
And guess what???
Spencer's burn is healed!
I know this is a miracle from our Loving Father in Heaven!  He blessed my little boy...he heard our prayers and extended His hand.   
We are all so thankful! 
I have been pretty emotional about it today.  
I know there are many people who suffer burns far worse than our little guy...but it is hard to watch your child go through things like this.  
I have been praying that my children will have opportunities for spiritual experiences.
I'm thinking today totally counts!
If you ever need to go to the Burn Center at the UofU are in great hands!  I have been very impressed.   But I hope you never need their help!


Unknown said...

amazing! thanks for sharing!!!

Erin said...

Such good news!

Mary said...

What a relief and miracle!