Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Creating Life - Valentines

 I love life!
There are times when it just hits you how fun it is to be alive!
I stayed up on Feb. 12th until the around 1am Feb. 13th and helped my 3 oldest children make Valentine Boxes for school.   Well at least the girls go to school...Camden just wanted a box to be like his siblings.  :)  I understood how he felt so I was a willing participant.   
While I lost out on some good sleeping hours I went to bed feeling like a good Mom and my kids went to bed knowing their Mom loves them.  This was a win/win experience. :)
Brenley and I did some brainstorming on how we should make the boxes.  We knew we wanted something more than just a shoe box decorated.    We came up with making "Wedding Cake" boxes.    It was more work than I thought but once I made one the second was much easier.   I created the "layers" and the kids decorated the cakes.
For Camden I made him a "Ship" box by following instructions found on Family Fun site.  They call it the "Love Boat".  Don't ya just love that!  lol  Makes me giddy!

Valentines Day is one of those really fun holidays.   Brad always surprises each of us with a fun gift and this year was no different.   Chocolates for everyone, cute light-up heart pens for the girls, a Matchbox car for Camden and cute little soft balls for Spencer (just the right size to hold in his hand but big enough he can't put in his mouth).    I got a package for foot care items (which was badly needed) and a gift certificate for Laser Hair removal.   A dream for any woman with PCOS!    Of course Brad didn't walk away empty handed....I left a few treats in his truck for him to find on the way to work.
Isn't life wonderful!
It is nice to have a special day that helps us remember the love we have for the people that make our life worth living!


Kelly said...

Very Cute!!

SmallAdventures said...

Thanks Kelly! :) I love your picture...such a pretty one of you!

Becky Jones said...

What an awesome mom you are to make such cute boxes! I love reading through your blog. Adoption is a part of my family through my sister who adopted 4 children from foster care last year. What a blessing and a trial both. Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog. I recognize you and your husband from the halls at church or the school. As women we are so hard on ourselves and we just need to try each day to be a little kinder to ourselves. Good luck in reaching your goals. You have a beautiful family!

SmallAdventures said...

Thank you Becky! I hope to meet you in person someday so I can give you a big hug and say thanks for helping me remember I can do it!