Monday, February 7, 2011

Matching Mondays

Don't miss this touching news article about Foster Care Adoption.

This young man really wants to be adopted!  Some teens aren't too excited about the idea but RJ is...he wants it!  He wants to be someone's son forever! 
Are you the family he is waiting for??? 

RJ age 15.
If you don't feel RJ is the child for your family will you please help spread the word about him by using emails and facebook?
Let's help him find his family!

Go here to look at Heart Galleries all over the United States.

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Julie said...

I am going a little nuts...our home study is this week, but we can't inquire about any kids in Utah until our homestudy report is done and our RFC is assigned. RJ is one of the kids we are interested in, but we can't know anything about him or he about us:( The wait is killing me!