Monday, February 7, 2011

Family Home Evening - Five Family Laws

Our Bug Family Laws...

The Five that makes our Hive buzz!
I know we may seem rather strange (and we probably are) but we have given each of our kids a "bug name".
It started before we were married.   Since both of our names (Brad & Brenda) started with the letter 'b' everyone started calling us "The BBs".   We loved it!   It stuck.  When Brenley was born and placed with us we of course were in love all over again...this time with this tiny person who had tiny features.  
We nicknamed her "Butterfly".  
Then a couple years later Haley blessed our home and as she grew she had this beautiful round face with huge blue eyes and cute nose (just like her Birth Mom - Sara).   One day Brad's brother noticed that Haley kind of resembled the ladybug off of Disney's "Bugs Life" movie.  
He was really right on and from them on Haley was our "Little Ladybug". 
So of course when Camden came along we had to give him a bug name too. 
Camden is our "Lil' Hopper" (short for Grasshopper).  If you have read this post you would see how he could be named after this active insect.  
My little Spencer was a premie and needed to be swaddled (we called it his cocoon), be fed and loved to grow so we gave him the bug name "Caterpillar" (or as Brenley used to say "Kala-Pidder). 
So yes we are a little strange but we love being the "Bug Family".

Recently I was watching "Studio 5" on KSL.  They had Richard and Linda Eyre on talking about creating family laws to help children learn how to behave etc.  They had some great thoughts and ideas on this  topic.   I felt we should try them out with our family so tonight's Family Home Evening lesson we introduced the new family laws.   I decided to name them "The Bug Family Laws" to distinguish that this was something for our little family and I thought it would make them more fun and meaningful to my children.  

Our Lesson:
After an opening song and prayer we read a story from The Friend magazine about siblings then we talked about Beehives.   We talked about all the different types of bee's that are in one hive....worker bees, bees in charge of protecting the "baby bees" or the Queen bee, we talked about the bees that collect the pollen etc.  We wanted them to understand how it takes every bee doing their job to keep the hive alive and well.  I then brought it home to our family and introduced our new family laws.   I made a little picture (special thanks to DeBee Dezines for her free beehive design) that I will be adding some cute bugs to and will be hanging it in our family room.  We talked about each law and I taught them to put the law names to music.   (This was an idea from the Eyer's).   I decided to use the tune from "When my Mother calls Me" song from the primary song book.   So instead of saying that part they say....
"Peace, Respect, Order, Asking & Obey - I want to do just what is best each and every day!"
They LOVED it and we sang it over and over again.   It went better than I anticipated!  I was so happy about they responded so well!  
I then gave them their own beehive to color and write the laws on to hang in their room to them remember.

We closed our Family Home Evening with cookies, scripture reading and family prayer.  

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