Monday, February 21, 2011

Special Children in need of Special Families.

My sister Diane and her hubby, Russ.

On May 31, 2002 my sister delivered her only daughter.
Jessica Blair
She had beautiful locks of light red hair and a beautiful round face.
I held her and loved her.
Jessica was perfect in every way...except for her heart.  She had a hole in her heart. She didn't get to take her first breath....her heart stopped beating the moment they cut the umbilical cord.   It was a sad sad day that seemed to never end.  The sadness spread into everything, and it felt like the world should stop to acknowledge the loss of the perfect daughter, granddaughter, sister and niece.   Jessica was my chance to witness a pregnancy from beginning to end.  I was with my sister for everything...even the moment the doctors wisked her away and to do an emergency c-section.   Six minutes from rushing her from the room to having Jessica out and she still didn't live...6 minutes was still too long for our sweet baby girl.  
We later found out that Jessica had down syndrome.   Some said "oh, it is for the best".  Ya we just wanted to punch those people.   None of us cared that she had down syndrome...we just wanted her with us.  We still want her with us but we will have to wait and meet her in heaven.
I wanted to share this little story with you (you can read the entire story here) because I love what this blogger is doing to help little ones with down syndrome. 
Please visit her blog each Friday as she features a few of these special children who need families. 
Katrina....keep up this great is so important!

To my perfect little Niece....I love you and miss you!


Katrina said...

Thanks for sharing this story. And thanks for sharing my link with others. This last week I featured children with HIV and other medical problems but most of the time I will feature children with Downs.

We new aspiring goal in life is to see that every orphan gets a family. No matter where they come from or what their special needs are.

I am sure that Heavenly Father has a family in mind for every child and that every family just needs to be a little more open minded about who their perfect child is.

I will get letting people know about the waiting children in the foster care system too.

Katrina said...

Sorry, I should have proofread my post before I sent it :)

(My new aspiring goal in life)

(I will be letting people)

Hopefully that's a little more understandable.