Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I Count! My Journey to a Better Me.

Me with my Green Smoothie after my morning workout.  Excuse the hair and no make-up.   I can't believe I am posting this.  :)  Just trying to show my honest self.

This past weekend I decided to take the bull by the horns and get busy!   No more fiddling with smaller goals....I clearly need to get moving on my weight loss goals.   I am on day 4 of calorie counting and keeping track of everything from weight to waters to exercise time.  But especially keeping track of what is going in my mouth and why.
This has not been easy and I am clearly not perfect at it but I feel good about what I am doing and I know I will get better at it!
I have that feeling in me that says "This is it!!   You are going to do this!

I am now keeping myself accountable by posting my calorie count, water count, exercise time each day under my "I Count" page on this blog.   I will also be tracking my weight once a week.
I have to admit it has been emotionally difficult to actually put numbers on my blog for all to see.
But I feel like I need to do this to help keep myself on track.

I made and drank my first "Green Smoothie".   It is a fruit smoothie with spinach blended in.   It tasted good...I couldn't really taste the spinach.  My kids even drank it.  But I did learn a lesson.    Don't jump into high fiber too quickly.   Yikes!!!  I had a horrible stomach ache most of Saturday.
Here goes another week....but this one will be better!


Lesa said...

I need to get busy, too. I've heard a lot about green smoothies lately.

I am trying something new that I haven't done before. I am taking one bad habit and replacing it with one good habit. I'm doing that for two weeks at a time and then adding another one on after two weeks. Right now I'm eliminating diet coke and adding tons of water. Next week - no fried food and adding fruit...etc.

I've got to get busy with exercising. Thanks for your motivation today!

Unknown said...

guuurrl! did you see my post yesterday?

I am right there with you. Been on the journey for 2 LONG WEEKS, but this is THE TIME. I can feel it, I am gonna do it!

Can't wait to have someone there with me!

We can do hard things, right?

Heather said...

You go girl!!! Great job, the first step is truly the hardest. The more you get into it the more it will feel 'normal'!

Becky Jones said...

Good for you!!!! I'm so proud of you for jumping right in! You will reach your goals because you are doing it the right way and you have a great support system. You're doing FANTASTIC!!!

Mary said...

Good for you, Brenda, for making yourself so accountable! You are a great example and inspiration to me.

I laughed about your "Don't jump into high fiber too quickly" lesson. Ever had Fiber One bars or cereal? They have a deceptively high amount of fiber in them.