Monday, March 7, 2011

Family Home Evening - The silly things we do after FHE is through.

We like to goof around.
Here is some proof from last week's FHE night.

This week we had a lesson on Apostles.   After reading a few scriptures in the New Testament about Christ calling his disciples together and then choose 12 of them to serve as Apostles and talked about how Apostles are called to be a "Special Witness" that Christ lives.   
We  then watch the video titled "Special Witnesses of Christ".   
It was great!  But I made a note to not play the whole thing again until all of my kids are a little bigger.   Haley and Camden fell asleep during it and I ended up putting them to bed.  
But Brenley stayed awake and enjoyed it.  
Next time I will choose a few clips to share.   
For our next FHE we will be presenting some information on one of the living Apostles.  
We each have one assigned to us.   
The kids seem excited to be in charge of "their Apostle". 
I hope it goes well!  :)

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