Monday, March 7, 2011

Matching Mondays

I Love March!!!!
The snow is metling, the tulips start showing signs of life, people hang cute green 4 leaf clovers on their windows and doors and the world around me seems to start waking up from a winter slumber.   
I think March really is a "lucky" month!
Hopfully it will prove to be the lucky month for children waiting to be adopted! 

Seth age 14.
RJ is still waiting for a family.
Please read about him and pass his information along.
He really wants to be adopted!


Utah Adoption Exchange is holding a Golf Tournament on June 29th in Saratoga Springs, Utah.
They will be having a small silent auction.  They are looking for help with donations.
If you would like to donate for the silent auction please contact Lindsay Kaeding at
More information on Golf Tournament to come.
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Becky Jones said...

I need your email address so I can send you more info on beginning a lifestyle change for life. When I first started losing weight I didn't know about green smoothies. I would eat a carbmaster yogurt (Smiths)and a 90 calories granola bar for breakfast. I would eat a 100 cal snack mid morning, a 400 cal lunch, a 100 cal snack mid afternoon and a 4-600 cal dinner. Once you start learning the calorie count of food it will become easy. I started the green smoothies after about 3 months. Start without the spinach and build into it. Some people can't handle the amount of fiber all at once. It will keep your body cleaned out and more regulated than you are used to. Getting rid of processed foods and high fat/sugar foods and moving to more fruits and veggies your body will go through a detox time. Be patient with yourself and go at a pace that you need. Good Luck!