Saturday, April 16, 2011

Creating Life - crafts to do list....growing smaller after today.

I love to craft!
But I love crafting more when I can take something that might be considered trash and give it new life.
My Dad seems to be feeding my addiction by offering me many of his "finds" he acquires on trips to a local area that people use as a site to get rid of the unwanted items in their home.   It isn't a dump site...but it is...if you get what I mean.  :)
My Dad found some old dresser drawers and took them home and there they sat until I spotted them.
I asked my Dad to add a drawer front and a handle to the back sides of the drawers.
I had a before picture but I can't find it so all I have to share is the after.
I have dirt all ready in the boxes now I just need some flowers.

I have also been working on some strawberry jam.

My first set .... I finally feel like a homemaker.  ;)


jess said...

I love these boxes you made! You are so creative!

Heather said...

I love the flower box and understand the crafting drive completely! It is so relaxing to create something, especially when it's created from someone else's "junk";)

PS- that jam looks YUMMY!