Monday, April 18, 2011

Matching Mondays

I was so excited to see that Karen who we have featured on Matching Mondays in the past has plans with a family!   Sometimes it does my heart some good to go and see the positive things happening for waiting children.   Take a peek here to see the good things happening at The Utah Heart Gallery.  You can also view one families success story here.
Sometimes when I visit Heart Galleries I get a little discouraged when I see nothing happening...the same children waiting for months and months and even years.   I wonder at times what the internal hang up is in that state.   It is very frustrating for all involved I am sure.   If you have inquired about a waiting child and you haven't heard anything and bug the heart gallery and see if you can speak to the child's caseworker.
Don't give up and become the squeaky wheel!
Yesterday my little boy, Camden, turned 5!   He is so excited about it!  I have thought about when he first came to our family and as an 8 month old baby.   I am continually grateful for the Foster Care training classes we had taken only a couple months before Camden was placed with us.   Those classes helped us understand how to help Camden in his transition to his new home and family.   While Camden wasn't placed with us through foster care (he was placed with us by his courageous Birth Mother and Birth Father) he needed a smooth transition so he could feel safe.   If you are contemplating on wether or not you want to be a foster parent I would suggest you go ahead and take the classes.   You will gain some very useful and great information that may end up helping you in other areas of your life.   So much of what we have learned has helped us be better parents.  Even if you don't become a Foster will benefit from the training.  So you have nothing to lose.
Have fun with it by making it into your date night with your spouse. 
Reece's Rainbow Waiting Children
Daria age 2.

Andrew age 14.

Destaney age 16.

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Sheri said...

Brenda, I want you to know that you are truly an inspiration to me and I love how concerned you are with these precious children of our Heavenly Father. Thank you for posting pictures and information for all of us to view. You are an amazing Mom and so nurturing and kind to your own 4children. They seem like darling children and you are so blessed. I also have 4 children, all adopted, 1 through LDS Family Services and 3 through foster care. Even though you or I couldn't have our own children, Heavenly Father has blesed us with our families in a different way. My favorite phrase is that my children grew in my heart, but not in my tummy. That is my motto. Thank you for all the work you do for children everywhere.