Monday, June 6, 2011

Matching Mondays

Today is the official 1st day of Summer Break! 
I can't wait to dive into making pudding pops, slushies and homemade ice cream.  The treats of summer are not only yummy but a great way to bond with my kids as we work on making new flavors together.   Every child deserves to have some special time with their Mom or Dad.   I wonder how it feels to not have a Mom or Dad to do things with....I have pondered this as I think of all the fun families have together over the summer.   It is my hope that children who are waiting to be adopted get a family of their own in time to enjoy this summer season.
Find reasons and ways to say yes to a child!
Keanna age 13.

Elijah age 12.

The Utah Adoption Exchange has a Golf Tournament coming up this month.  
They are looking for people who love to golf....or better yet people who love to help children. 
Click here for more information.
Brad and I will be there....I hope you will be too!

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