Saturday, July 16, 2011

Creating Life - "Daddy/Daughter Pow Wow"

Growing up my parents were involved in the "Mountain Man" world.  My Dad loved to learn about Native American history, culture and traditions.  During the summer we would have fun at a Mountain Man rendezvous.  One summer my parents decided to build their very own authentic Tee Pee.  I watched them gather wood from the forest and soak the wood and strip it of bark and then let them dry.   I watched my Mom take yards and yards of canvas fabric and cut and sew and cut and sew some more.   It took a long time but their efforts were worth it....this is their Teepee.  It has been used many many times but it still looks great! 
It was this Teepee that was my inspiration for this years Activity Day Girls Daddy Daughter Activity.

Daddy/Daughter Pow Wow
What we did.
When the Dads and Daughters arrived we sent them to the craft table to create little feathered head bands for both.   Then the girls were able to make little necklaces out of beads.
Each girl got to create their own.

Making the headbands and necklaces with the help of my cute Mom
(the one in the Native American attire).



That is my Brenley getting her headband tied on by Brad.
The Dads look so fab in their headbands....don't you think?  lol
They were great sports! 
Once everyone arrived and made their crafts they sat down at the tables we had set up.  
We had an opening prayer and welcomed them to the activity.
My Dad even taught them how to say "hello" in Navajo.

We then introduced the games.  We had 4 games.  We had an Activity Day Leader (or a helper) at each game keeping track of scores)

1.  The orange game:  (more details to come)

2.  Shooting game:  We set up two tables.  One table we stacked plastic cups and the other one we had their wooden rubber band guns.  As a Daddy Daughter team we gave them 3 tries to shoot the plastic cups.  Whichever teams got the most cups won.

3.  Horse shoe game:  Just your plain old game of horse shoes.  They played as a team.
4.  Throwing ball game:  (more details to come)

Each Dad and girl got to go through each game together.  We kept track of who won each game and we had prizes at the end.  
The Prizes:  My friend and fellow Activity Day leader, Erin,  created  cute awards using "Cow Tails" candy and "Moon Pie" dessert calling it a "cow pie".
I wish I had a picture of the awards she made them look so cute.  

After the games were over we gathered everyone back to the tables and we had a buffet line. 

Thanks to Shane Freeman for standing in the summer heat frying the bread!
You are awesome!

We served Navajo tacos (build your own), strawberry lemonade and ice cream bars for dessert.
We used the sopapillas recipe from the "Our Best Bites Cookbook"  for the fry bread!  It is sooo yummy!  I tried to find it on their blog to link you to it but can't find it..sorry.  :(  It is in their new cookbook.

We received a great deal of positive feedback and we felt like the Dads and Daughters had a good time together.
You may wonder what we did with the tee pee.
First it was present to give the activity more of a" Pow Wow" feel.   But it also had a purpose.  My Dad has some really neat things like:  beaver skins, old guns, black powder rifles and many many other authentic Native American and Mountain Man items.   My Dad had items on display inside the tee pee.   He loved having the opportunity to show them to the Dads and I think the Dads enjoyed seeing the items. 
It kind of became the "Dad" hangout at various times during the activity.
My Dad lov'in every minute of this activity!  :) 
Thanks Dad!
I had to admit....I have one of the best callings in the church!
Here are a few more pictures from the activity.

My Mom made her Native American dress (and my Dad's attire) herself.  
They even used their own leathers.

My Dad in his normal attire.  :) 
It takes at least about 1 hour or longer to put up the Tee Pee...I truly have angel parents!

Haley getting ready to help set up the Tee Pee...well at least watch them set it up. :)  I just love my lil'Haley.
My blog post would not be complete without showing these cute lil' guys!  They would have loved to stay and play in the Tee Pee.
It won't be too long before I am seeing them in Cub Scout uniforms.   So glad I still have a few years to enjoy their tiny little voices and chubby cheeks.  :)


DJ Rose said...

The best part was the head band sunburns the next day. It was a great activity. Drew and Steve loved it. (It was a great goodbye to activity days--I'm crying just thinking that she's not with you anymore.)

Shian said...

We used to go to pow wows too. My dad wanted to be a mountain man :) The thing I always liked best was the Navajo tacos. Yum!