Monday, July 18, 2011

Matching Mondays

I do have some fabulous information to share!  On June 29th Brad and I went to part of the Golf  Challenge for Wednesday's Child held at Talons Cove in Saratoga Springs.   During lunch we learned that Nicholas (you can see him here in the Utah Heart Gallery) is being adopted by his Foster Family!   This cute boy has been waiting in foster care since he was a baby.  We have featured Nicholas in the past and I have a friend who has inquired about him more than once.  He finally gets to have a family all his own! 
I am so happy for him!  
Miracles happen!!!

Hoping for a miracle for these sweet Utah siblings.

Dominic and Destiney ages 15 and 14.

Mark your calendars and get your thinking caps on....
The Utah Adoption Exchange is holding a benefit to help Utah's waiting children. 

You don't want to miss this so start planning now!  :)
Go here to read information regarding the event and sponsorships.
I am currently looking to find donations for the silent auction that will take place at this function.
Do you have a connection to a business who would be willing to donate items?
To give you an idea of things Brad and I have seen at various silent auctions held at La Caille here is a list.
Basket of dress up items for a young girl.
Canvas pictures by various artists that you see sold in fine galleries and places like Deseret Book (last year we  bid and won a beautiful image of The Salt Lake Temple on Canvas by Artist Robert A. Boyd).  
Printed Art would be great too.
Collection of Jane Austen books and movies.
The R House donated jewelry last year.
FSA donated a basket of their adoption store items.
Gift certificates for restaurants/ Bed and Breakfasts/Trips etc.
Fan items from sports groups around Utah.
Handmade items such as quilts, bags, clothing and accessories.
You could put a basket of your families favorite items together and donate...make it something you do together.
The list could go on and on.  I hope this helps give you a few ideas.
If you would like to donate please contact me at smalladventuresfamily at gmail dot com
If you can think of a store/business/etsy shop/people who would be willing to donate to this benefit please email me I would be happy to contact them. 
I appreciate your help!
Help me promote these children and The Adoption Exchange Benefit by mentioning this post through twitter, facebook or any other social networking site and emails to friends.
Thank You!

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