Sunday, July 3, 2011

Reminiscing and seeing the path before me.

My sweeties who keep me busy and use my favorite name...Mom! They are playing train with an empty cardboard box....I love it when they play with boxes!  Creative play is the best play! :)
You may remember this post when I was expressing my feelings of being kind of "lost" and trying to find my place.   Some big changes have occurred in our family since that post and I can honestly say I can see the path that has been placed before me...the one that I should go.   I am no longer lost but I am in adjustment mode.   For so many years we have been building our family and now they are all here.   I am incredibly thankful and I am enjoying my new path.   I am still trying to fit in a few of those things that I enjoy.....this blog being one of them but since summer = kids out of school which = extra busy mom, it is taken me longer than I expected to find time to do all that is needed and wanted. 

I recently posted on my I AM blog about deciding to let our foster license laps.   I am still feeling very good about this decision and weekends like this one (just yesterday truck broke down, Camden broke two bones in his arm and Spencer was puking on Brad at the parts store) just remind me how we truly are done family building.  :)  While I have pondered over this matter my heart and mind continues to return to 4 incredible women who did something so hard and so loving.   I think about them often and want them to somehow feel my love for them in that moment.    I have also been thinking about these incredible children who are true miracles walking around me everyday!  They are the answers to those long prayers and they are the little ones who continued to remind me that they were coming to our family and to not give up.   I am so thankful to be their Mother.    While this weekend has been incredibly crazy and kind of scary I am so thankful I get to have weekends like this....experiencing life just the way I always wanted to.   I am a busy Mom!  

I put this little clip together earlier this year and put it in this post.   
But today I felt like sharing it speaks my heart.


the Villamor's said...

so lovely Brenda. Enjoy your new path....and remember change takes time and isn't easy sometimes! Those are some beautiful birthmothers!

Becky Jones said...

What a beautiful video.

Unknown said...

This is what I needed this morning. Thank you. That video gives me the warm fuzzies!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful!! I loved your video!! It's inspired me to get back to making videos for my kids. I loved it so much!!' You are so beautiful inside and out. I've always admired you from a distance. I love your post. I feel the same way being a adoptive mom and being so grateful to my children's birth parents and to my children. I loved some of the things you wrote! They spoke to my heart. Thank you!!

Love, jess moon

DJ Rose said...

Thanks for that. I remember Cam's placement and Spences's sealing. So grateful that you and your family are a part of my life. Love you so much!