Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Facing the World Together.

Our morning began with Brenley and Haley coming into to my room around 7AM.  They were excited for the first day of school.   Our plan was to have breakfast at 7:30 AM then read scriptures, have family prayer and some music time.   We decided to sing while making breakfast at 7:30.  While I made sopapillas and scrambled eggs we all sang "There is Sunshine in My Soul" and "Away in a Manger".   After the girls set the table we sat down to breakfast.   It was nice to have a moment together at the beginning of this hustle and bustle morning.  We then cleared the table and read scriptures and said a family prayer.   Then the hustle began of getting ready for the day.   By 8:55AM we were taking pictures on the porch and then heading out to school.  

I could see that Brenley and Haley were both nervous about today and all the "what ifs".   Brenley worried about not fitting into the right group and Haley worried about liking her teacher.   I am sure there were unspoken worries about this new year.  I reminded them as they climbed out of the van that if they have any problems they can always pray.   I watched my sweet girls walk together towards the school side by side and then hand in hand as if they were ready to face the world together.

And really that is what they are doing....facing their new world, their new year of joys and trials, friends and fights but moving forward having faith that they will be ok.
Tears filled my eyes as I watched them walk to their new adventure!
They are going to do great things!


Que and Brittany's Adoption Journey said...

Awwww!! How cute is that?!

G-Man said...

One of the most difficult assignments (opportunities) that we have as parents is to work ourselves out of a job, as we prepare our children, through teaching, example and nurture, to become responsible and caring adults. That can be a tad bit painful at times. You are doing a great job - - - MOM!

the Villamor's said...

wow....leaving for school at 8:55am? Nate has to be at school by 7:45!