Saturday, September 3, 2011

Back to School 2011

My back to school banner to celebrate the new school year.   My friend Holly got the idea from this blog post.  She printed everything out and cut all the paper and letters and scalloped circles for me.  What a sweetie don't you think???  Thanks Holly...I loved loved loved putting this together and my kids love it too!
The 2010-2011 school year is off and running and so am I.
Running out of steam...running out of clean clothes and running out of ideas for the lunch bags.
I have also been running lunches to school for the kids who call and say "Mom!   I forgot my lunch!  I only have a few minutes left to eat!"   And I am running to my knees praying Camden will behave for his teacher each day.    Basically I am running and doing all of those things I dreamed of for so many years.   While it has been totally exhausting and I have been crazy watching my 1 1 yr old go through her up and down moods I am happy to be Mom to this bunch of crazy sweet kids!
The trick is remember this on those not so pleasant days.

Brenley is loving her new teacher and after a few days into the Math she is doing better and remembering the things she learned last year so it has cut out alot of the moaning and groaning when it comes to homework.  She put in her application in hopes of running for student office but wasn't chosen.   She was disappointed but I love the way she didn't let it get to her and decided swimming lessons sound just as good! 

Haley loves her teacher, loves having one of her best friends in her class with her and is already finished with her first book report which isn't due until the end of September.   I am thinking this girl needs a little more of a challenge so we will be addressing that issue soon.  But I am happy and thankful to have that kind of concern. Haley starts dance classes this coming week.   I can't wait to see where this new adventures takes us.  She tried out and was put on a team.  This is our first time with this new studio and her team will compete in 5 competitions this year.   I am excited about all she will learn!

Camden had a couple of rough first days in Kindergarten and got in trouble.  But this is his first experience in a school setting and by day 3 he did so much better and day 4 even better.   I draw smiley faces on his hands to help him remember to be a good boy and make good choices.   He gets two tokens a day in his jar IF he behaves at school.   He has already earned his legos back  (they got taken away after his first day of school) and he is on his way to earning enough tokens to get a new little box of legos.   He is thrilled and I can see he is really learning how to be a good student.   So thankful!!!!

Spencer hangs out with me at home and I love having some one on one with him.   He follows me around the house as I get things done.  He is so sweet!

So I am looking ahead and wondering what will come our way this year.   I can't wait to put the fall decorations out.   Autumn is my favorite time of year.    This morning as I woke up I could feel the chill that tells me it won't be long before I will be wearing sweaters, making yummy soup and hot chocolate!  My kids heading back to school signifies new beginnings and new challenges.
I am excited to meet them!

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Becky Jones said...

You're such a great Mommy!!! I love the banner!