Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Activity Days Idea: Lovely Minds

I am an a Leader in my LDS ward Activity Day program.  It is a program for girls ages eight to eleven.  This month I am in charge of what we do for our Activity Day.    I decided to touch on what to do if you come across pornography and what we can do to keep our minds clean and focused on good things.  I saw this site and loved their art idea so I decided it would work out well with this activity.

This is what we did:
  • I then discussed with them how sometimes we might see something, read something or hear something (music etc) that isn't good or makes us feel uncomfortable.   We talked about what we can do when that happens and that it is important we talk to our parents, to not dwell on it and helped them understand if they come across something they haven't done anything wrong....they just need to tell their parents about it.   
  • We went on to discuss the part of the 13th article of Faith " If there is anything virtuous, lovely, or of good report or praiseworthy, we seek after these things." and the types of things we can do to fill our minds with good images and thoughts.

Art Activity:
  • I gave each girl a copy of this image below.  I asked them to draw or write those things which they will do to fill their minds with good and positive things in the circle outline.   The girls enjoyed making the picture their own and if they finished it and hung it up in their room they passed a requirement off in their "Faith in God" booklet under "Learning and Living the Gospel".

If you would like to use this for your Activity Days event feel free to download it here.

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