Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Daughters in my Kingdom.

I first learned about this book while attending choir practice for the Relief Society General Meeting that took place a few weeks ago.   Each week a member of the Relief Society General Board would share something out of the book.   I grew anxious to get a copy in my hands.   After 2 months of waiting for the day I could read it myself I walked into the chapel late for our Sacrament meeting.  To my surprise as I came to the bench, I knew Brad had saved for us, I saw laying on top of my husbands church folder a beautiful blue book titled "Daughters in my Kingdom".    My heart leaped for joy as I realized this copy was for me to have.    It has become part of my morning study.  I read from scriptures first but then I open this  wonderful book and my heart is touched and I learn something important every time I read it.   It has become my favorite book.   If you don't have a copy go here and check it out online.   If you would like to learn more about this special book you can go here.

I shared with you in a post a last week that my experience in preparing for and singing with the choir for the Relief Society General meeting  was life changing for me.   This book is part of this change...and I am enriched each time I choose to read.

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Becky Jones said...

What a beautiful book. I am enjoying reading it too.