Monday, November 14, 2011

Playing Catch Up.

So much has been going on around here I hardly know where to begin.
I have my own health on the brain so I guess that is a good place to start.
Three months or so ago I had a biopsy done on my uterus along with another test.   Thankfully it showed normal.   I was asked to return and have another ultrasound in 3 months to make sure my lining had gone down (it was rather thick apparently...a common probably for women with PCOS).   So I recently had that ultrasound and my lining looked great but a new issue popped up.   They think I have a dermoid cyst.   This type of cyst you are born with but can get bigger.   I call it my "Vampire Cyst" since this type of cyst can have genetic material like hair and teeth.   Fun hu?  blah!    So I get to wait until Jan to peek at my Vampire cyst again so they can make sure that is really what it is.  It could also be a cyst with blood in it from ovulation (fat chance of that) or it could be cancer.    I would love the 2nd option the most...but I will take the vampire over the cancer.   Right now I feel ok about it all.   At least for the past months I have had many ultrasounds so if it is something really bad then hopefully they have caught it early.    I pray it is nothing.

The health issues don't stop there however.   I was in the ER this past Friday with a rapid heart rate.   This rapid heart issue started right after the whole" FSA warning couples" nightmare.   I posted on my blog about concerns I had to support an FSA letter that went out.   It was an INCREDIBLY stressful week for me and taught me much about people, truth, loyalty to friendships and tact to name a few.   The rapid heart rate started right after the nightmare was over for me.  It went on for 3 weeks and then calmed down.   Over a week ago it started up again.   I have had other stressors in my life since September...on top of my responsibilities as Wife and Mom.  The ER ruled out the scary stuff and sent me home on a monitor.  Tomorrow I see my regular doctor to discuss what is going on with me.   Hopefully it is something easy to take care of.   My guess would be stress/anxiety.   My brain doesn't feel stressed out but maybe my body does.  I am praying my doctor will be inspired to know how to help me.

I am still an Activity Days Leader in my ward.  I love my calling.   It is a busy one however.  Many wards have two leaders per age group....we decided to do four leaders and have two separate age groups but all four of us work together with both groups.  This means we meet each week rather than every other week.  Some people think we are crazy but it works well for us.  

My kids are busy in school...well everyone but Spencer.   I am happy to have him home with me.  Spencer's language skills have really taken off and we are hearing more and more sentences.   Spencer is so lovey and fun!   He is such a blessing!     

Brenley's school work keeps her incredibly busy and it has been a good but stressful school year so far.   But I will stress the word "stressful".   Life has changed in our home just because of Brenley's school work.   She is finally being challenged....hallelujah!!!

Haley is doing excellent in school and it appears to be a little easy for her so I am working with her teacher to help her have more challenge at school and work with her at home.   I won't complain for this is a positive one!  :)

Camden is doing well in Kindergarten and has learned how to behave!  He has a great teacher and has a handful of little girlfriends to play with at recess (and he always tells me "Mom they are girls that are friends"...yes Camden I get it lol). 

Brad keeps busy with work and church calling.   He amazes me.   He goes to the temple every week, works hard everyday to bring home the bacon and loves serving in our ward.   His service blesses my life and the life of each of our children.  There is a special feeling in our home that I believe is a gift given to us because of Brad's service.   I am so thankful!

I have met a couple of personal goals recently.    One was finishing the book "Daughters in My Kingdom".   I love this book.   Even though I have read it from cover to cover I find myself back in the book very often.   I have learned so much and continue to learn as I open it's pages and study.    I recently read a blog where women were expressing their discontent with the book.  I don't understand how someone could feel this way about this incredible book.   I feel it is a sweet treasure.    I am hoping that in 2012 my ward/stake RS will use this book to create weekday activities.  I would love to dive deeper into the content of the book so I can learn more.  

The other goal I met was something I started in 2009 but then kind of left it and would say to myself  "I'll get to it another time".   After strong urges from the Spirit I finally finished recording an experience with tithing.   It is a special miracle Brad and I witnessed as we were building our family.   I wanted it on paper so our children would have a copy and I felt impressed to send it to the Ensign.   I have no clue if they will use it but I feel great  having the story written.    I realized as I finished how easy it would have been to finish it back in 2009 if I would have just taken the time.     A great lesson in why not to procrastinate.  :)

This is just a little of what has been going on around my house.   Life is busy but it is good!   So good!  
I have much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving season!

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