Monday, March 19, 2012

Singin' the Blues

Art Prints
I love this picture...thinking of a purchase.  I feel like it speaks how I feel today.

Today if I were to pick a color to describe how I feel it would be a cloudy blue.    It has been one of "those" kind of days.   I am sick of being stuck on the couch because I am recovering from surgery.   I am really tired of dealing with problems with this area of my body.    I am kind of angry that I have to deal with this stuff when this area of my body has never worked right and I have never been able to do what other women do.   I am sad about something else I can't write here because it will cause me trouble with someone.    I am frustrated with the fact that we have a broken sewer line (yes my basement got flooded 2 times this past week while I can do nothing to help because I am in pain) that lies under the city street next to my home but it is still "the homeowners" problem to fix (and we are talking over 5 grand to fix it).    I am worried about one of my kids who has some higher levels of insulin and we have to change a bunch of things.   All of this going on while I am trying to heal.    So many feelings are inside me right now and today I cried a whole lot!   Tonight my 2 year old won't go to bed and woke up everyone in the house with his screaming.   Not a happy night...not a happy day.    
But there is always tomorrow.

While I am very tired of not functioning I am very grateful I am alive and that my surgery is over and that it went well.    I do see the good things in my life...even today when I feel emotional about things.   I know it is just one of those days.   I have much to be thankful for and I see that even through the cloudy blue.   Today I just needed to cry about some things and get things off my mind by writing in my own place.   Thanks for stopping by....I hope tomorrow I will be pretty in pink. :)

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