Friday, May 18, 2012

How my 2 year old shows his love.

 This past Wednesday I woke up with a stomach virus.   It was a not so fun kind of day....seriously not so fun!   Wednesday night Brad has some Bishopric responsibilities to attend  to so Brenley ran the house while I kept close to a bathroom and a bucket.    I was in a whole lot of pain and apparently Spencer could tell.   He decided to take action to do something for his Mommy.   He pushed his (not very light) "Wiggles" step stool from our bathroom on the main level to the kitchen counters where he climbed up and retrieved a bag of pretzels and then brought them over to me. While I didn't want them (and couldn't have eaten them) my heart was so touched by my 2 year old's act of love and service. No wonder the Savior said to become as little children. I love my little guy!

I am happy to be all better and enjoying a night of homemade pizza, movies, a can of coca cola and the cutest little guy I know.   
Being a Mom is seriously the best!!!!

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