Monday, May 21, 2012

Matching Mondays ~ 2 infants need a family!

Ok seriously....if I were still in "family building" mode I would be calling on both of these sweet infants!!!!    I know some of what you may read on these two babies may sound scary but I have to say my little Spencer who is now 2 years old had a similar situation with even more of a severe case.   Spencer is healthy, happy, can count to ten, can tell you almost all of the alphabet by sight and knows some of the sounds.  He speaks well and is a very active 2 year old.   Does this mean he won't have any issues later   But too often couples are afraid of things because of scary stories they hear.    If you feel impressed move forward and let love be your guide.  Be informed but not afraid.
Get ready for your heart to melt when you see their pictures....they are so sweet!
Spence-Chapin waiting babies
here is a link for information regarding Spence-Chapin's fees regarding their Special Needs Program.  Amazing fees!
*Note:  I don't not have any personal experience adopting from Spence-Chapin.  I do know someone who has adopted through them and had a wonderful experience.   Make sure you do your homework.

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