Wednesday, May 23, 2012

No More Babies?


I have been going through what is left of my baby stuff.   I accumulated many items because I was fostering babies.   I am selling or donating the rest of my supplies.    I had a moment last night when I realized I am at the end of my baby years.  It is strange in some ways.   We have been married for 18 years this year and most of those years (all but 3) we were trying to build our family.   And now we are focusing on raising these beautiful people the Lord has blessed us with.   I am not sad to move forward...I love the stage of life we are in....I am just realizing how fast time travels.    Some people tell me to look forward to being a Grandparent but I don't want to look forward to that just yet.   I want to hang on to the moment and soak in the joys and challenges that come to a Mother who is parenting her children.   We have many firsts to look forward to as well am many lasts.   I will look forward to grandchildren in the future...right now I am so glad to just be Mom! 

Today I heard a little voice call out to me as I went into my garage to put something away.  When I came back in this little voice said to me "Mommy, I missed you...I missed you!".   I was never far away from him (Spencer) but he still wished for me to be closer.   This is the life I always dreamed....actually better than my dreams.   This life is the gift the Lord prepared and blessed me with.  
I am so thankful I didn't get my way years ago.
The Lord's miracles are special gifts wrapped up just right for the receiver.   He knows each of us so He knows just what to prepare and what to give that will bring us lasting joy! 
His are truly the best gifts!

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