Monday, June 4, 2012

Matching Mondays

This past week Utah's KSL News did a wonderful story about a family who adopted their daughter from Russia after seeing her picture online.   I have featured a few children from the same site this Adoptive Mom saw her little daughter for the first time.  
You can view the story by going here.

This story touched my heart deeply.  Not just because it was about adoption (but yes I do love that part)  it also touched me deeply because I have a niece that I love dearly who was born with down syndrome.  Unfortunately she died the same day she was born...when the cord was cut her heart stopped beating.  She is in our Heavenly Fathers care and our family is so thankful for that knowledge.   But we miss her!   When I see a child, like our Jessica, I smile and my heart feels warm and I know I am seeing a special Child of God!   

You can view waiting children on Reece's Rainbow site.

Please take a moment and consider the possibilities. 
If you would like to read more about our experience with Jessica please go here.

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