Monday, June 18, 2012

Matching Mondays

I am happy to announce I have a new computer and I am back online.  YEAY!!!!! It has been long couple of weeks.  My laptop died on me but I am happy with the new computer and my children are estatic.   So everyone is happy in the Small Adventures Home.  :)   Now on to Matching Mondays.

Today I am featuring Amanda in Utah.
Amanda is 18 years old and wants a permanent family to love!   Please visit her page here and find out more about her.  Because she is 18 she doesn't have much longer before she "graduates" out of foster care.   She needs a family to help her reach her goals in her future!  Please forward her information on to others as well!   

You are invited to attend the 11th annual Wendy's & Low Book Sales Golf Challenge June 27th at Talons Cove Golf Club in Saratoga Springs, UT.   You can register online by going here.   Brad and I got to attend the luncheon last year.  The golf course is beautiful as well as the club house.   If you like to golf this is a great reason to do it!  

 I recently attended a board meeting for the Utah Adoption Exchange.    The Utah Heart gallery was being discussed.   This year they have 48 children they will be including in the heart gallery (that number may go up).   This will be the biggest year so far.   The Utah Heart Gallery is known for having beautiful pictures on display for their gallery.   They are so thankful for the photographers who are willing to donate their time and a few pictures and a frame to help Utah's waiting children.    They are still in need of a few photographers.   If you are interested please contact Lindsay Kaeding at 801-265-0444.  


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