Friday, September 14, 2012

Fry Guy - a unique way to gift.

Fry Guys are great when you need to leave a gift at the door.

It's that time of year where the kitchens start to get extra busy, sweaters come out of the closet and decorations start showing up on porches.  
 It is almost Autumn!  
 My most favorite time of the year!
It is also a time when goodies are delivered to a neighbor or a friend to wish them a happy day for one reason or another.  
 I wanted to share with you one way I enjoy sharing a goodie.
I call them 
Fry Guys. 
You save your favorite size fry container from a fast food chain.  The one I used is from Arby's.
After enjoying your fries open up the fry container all the way, pick our your favorite 12x12 paper and lay your opened container down and trace the outline onto your paper.   Then cut it out staying as close to your line as possible.
 Once you have cut out your box you need to score the areas that get a fold.  I do this using a stylus.  Fold back each "folded" area on the fast food carton and use your stylus and gently press along the paper next to the fold.  This will leave an a score line which makes it so much easier (and nicer looking) to fold.
 Once you have scored all the appropriate areas fold them.  
 Then you are ready to glue it together.
When you have glued it together it should look something like this
(basically it should look like your fry container just cuter).

Once you have made your box you are ready to fill it and give a little personality.
You can put any type of easy to pack goodie from wrapped candy, cookies, gum...whatever your heart desires.  It would also make a great way to wrap a little gift for a kids birthday party (example:  lip gloss, earring and hair accessories for little girls).  
This one I used for a Halloween treat for a friend.  I put a bunch of peanut butter cups inside some tulle and gathered it with the orange ribbon.   I used a Halloween tag from 
Lil' Luna and attached it with a felt flower and fat brad.

For this Fry Guy I made my favorite granola bar recipe and cut some small skinny bars and sealed them into a sandwich bag and then wrapped the bag in polka dotted velum (left over from this project) and tied it with some raffia.  I tied tulle around the Fry Guy and added the "Just be cause" tag from Kollette Hall by taping it to a sucker stick and placing it inside the velum wrap.  

There are a million ways to make and  gift a Fry Guy!  I would love to have you share your ways with me from now until the end of October.  I will post your creative genius on my blog or link my readers to your blog post about your own Fry Guys!  

Happy Fry Guy gifting!  :)


Kim said...

Oh. my. gosh. That is the cutest idea ever!

SmallAdventures said...

Thanks Kim! :) They are so fun to give! Thanks for the comment....made me smile today. :) By the way congrats on the -6 pounds! Way to go!!!