Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Gift Bag helps showcase child art.

Have you ever recieved a gift in a bag that is so cute you don't want to give it away?  
I have.
I love gift bags.
All shapes, colors and prints!
One time I painted a wall in my child's room based on inspiration from a gift bag.
Whenever I see a gift bag, I really like, my brain starts going through ways I could reuse the bag without giving it away.  :)  Weird I know. 
 Haley got a gift bag she loved from her Aunt.  I love the bag too.  It was vellum with white polka dots.  As soon as I saw it I started thinking of what we could do with it.   Then I had an idea.   That idea kept me up much of the night...I couldn't turn it off.  lol  I am happy with the results.
My girls are always bugging me about framing their art.  I always have good intentions of course but hadn't really done it much.
So I found a way to frame their favorite work.  They can switch it out whever they want.  And I got to keep the cute bag....even if it isn't a bag anymore.

 I just used scrapbook paper I had around my house for the under layer gluing it to cardboard.  Then I added one of the front sides of the gift bag...taping it around to the back of the cardboard.  I put the ribbon through the bag handle holes and taped the strands down where the work of art would sit.   You can pin or tape the work of art to the board.  On this one I taped it, but on Brenley's I used pretty white pearl pins.  I have been saving these frames for a while not sure what I wanted to do with them...but now they have a place.   
So next time you get a gift bag you love think out of the box (or the bag in this case) and try something new.


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