Monday, October 15, 2012

A Sweet moment with my daughter.

Haley at age 3.
"Your sweetness lingers near in our hearts and thoughts and prayers.  You gave more than just one life when you made of this man and wife, a father and a mother.  When you  gave the gift we could not give each other.   You have changed our life forever! Only You and God above could give this gift of love we could not give each other."
These words found in Michael McLean's song "Gift We Could Not Give Each Other" have been in my head this evening as I softly closed the door to my little girls room after just witnessing a special experience.

  My kids were all in bed (or so I thought) and I decided to head in the basement to exercise.   After riding the bike and stretching I sat and read through old journals I have kept.   I then felt it was time to head up stairs and chill in my favorite red chair.  Once I got upstairs I thought I heard something on the top level...after realizing it was my imagination I felt I should go check on Haley.   I did just that and found a wide eyed little girl in her bed with her light on.  She was happy to see me and asked where I had been.   I explained I had been exercising and as I was getting her tucked in I could tell she was getting emotional.   She said through bursts of happy tears..."I couldn't find you and I was worried about you so I prayed to Heavenly Father and asked him to send you up to me."   I became emotional myself at the answered prayer, the love of our Heavenly Father and the love and faith of my 9 year old.   My heart is deeply touched tonight.   I am so thankful to have my children in my life.   I am so thankful I am a mother and I get to be their Mother!   
There is a sweetness that lingers is a precious gift to have these children in our family.  It is a precious gift to be a family!  I am thankful tonight for my daughter's prayer for my well being, for a loving Heavenly Father who guided my actions tonight and took the time to answer her prayers.   I am reminded of prayers said 10 years ago when we asked in Faith for another child...feeling strongly that it would be a girl.   I am thankful to my loving Heavenly Father who sent two earthly angels called Birth Parents into our life.  Tonight I am so grateful they felt directed to choose us.   

Tonight my little girl prayed for Heavenly Father to send me to her.....years ago much of the same prayer was uttered only I was doing the asking ...asking Heavenly Father to send the child that was meant for our family to us.  Praying our information would get to the right Birth Parents.   
Prayer is real communication between us and our Heavenly Father.   
Answers really do come...and Miracles really do happen.  
I witnessed one tonight! 
And to Sara & Derick ....I am thinking of you.
I love you!
Thank You!!!