Friday, October 19, 2012

Pumpkin Pickin'

Have you ever had a week where it feels like if it could go wrong it does?  That was this week for us...lots of stress, some weird events (super high winds took part of my fence...stuff like that).   So it was not a super fun begining to the week.  But then came Wednesday and it was a moment of calm amist the storm.  The sky was blue, it was just the right kind of brisk cold that makes it fun to wear a sweater and our family stepped unto a great field full of beautiful pumpkins!

For whatever reason this outing seemed to make the world feel right again.  All the stress of the week seemed to fall from my shoulders and I felt renewed.
There is something wonderful that happens when a family spends time together...even just picking pumpkins.
What a blessed life!

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