Monday, October 22, 2012

Celebrating 18 Years...

Eighteen years ago today I knelt at an altar in one of the Sealing rooms of the Salt Lake Temple and married an incredible person!  Today I celebrate this special milestone in my life by looking back at all that we have accomplished, gone through and rejoiced over together!  We have seen trials, heart breaks,  health problems, empty bank accounts, car accidents and a bunch of other hard things but we came out stronger than when we went in.    Together we have also seen miracles, blessings beyond comprehension, prayers answered, lives changed, lives touched, courageous acts, friendship, acts of service, incredible loyalty and lots and lots of love!   Sometimes I wonder what I did to deserve such a wonderful husband...whatever it was it must have been really good!  

Last year I made my first ever subway anniversary art.   I have decided to add to it each year.   This year I decided to add the words "loyalty" and "service" because I have seen so much of both in the past years but have noticed it in abundance this past year.   I also added the background is fitting for October and reminds me a little bit of the peachy colors we had at our reception.  I also made my own beehive and added it in.   You can see last years subway art here.

Looking back it is fun to see how we have changed through some of our most special milestones!
Wedding Day.

1st Anniversary.

Brenley's Sealing 2001.
Haley's Sealing 2003.

Camden's Sealing 2007
Spencer's Sealing 2010.
Our Family Today 2012.
To Brad:   Thanks for sticking with me through ALL the hard places and loving me all along the way!   We have been through incredible things...hope we get to go through many more together!  
I love you!!! 
Happy Anniversary!!
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Brad said...

Thanks babe! Can't believe it's been 18 years!!! What a roller coaster!!!
Love you tons!!!

Becky Jones said...

What a wonderful post! Congratulations. We will celebrate or 18th Anniversary is a month and a half. We are very blessed to have such wonderful husbands!