Monday, December 17, 2012

Matching Mondays ~ Darling boy needs an LDS family ASAP!

This is Ty.  He is 10 years old.
His picture melts my heart...darling little guy!
He needs a family!
Information from Kathy Searle at the Utah Adoption Exchange.
Ty is a 10 year old boy adopted from Ethiopia in January of 2009.  He is a smart young man and does well in school.  He enjoys helping around the house and knows how to work hard.  He has had many transitions in his young life, but with therapy is now doing much better.  He is physically healthy and has said that he prefers an LDS family.  He is currently in a respite placement awaiting a new adoptive family.  It is thought that he would do best as the youngest in the family, but he is very kind with younger children and with the right family he could do well with younger siblings.  He is a caring child who is resilient and bright. 
If you know of a family that may be interested in adopting Ty please have them contact Kathy Searle at

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