Thursday, January 24, 2013

-40 by my 40th - Week Three begins

This week didn't turn out as I hoped and I don't know if I can trust the weigh in.   I became ill with some yucky bug on Friday.   The bug got worse and I ended up just sitting in a chair or laying on the cough.   No physical activity possible for me.  :(   There were days when I had a normal appetite but then that changed and I couldn't eat anything so I drank water and diet Pepsi.  So today the scale shows me down 1+ pounds.   Not quiet 2 but more than 1.  lol  Not great progress and I imagine I am a little messed up in the water department so next week might be a happy surprise or a frustrating one.  

How did you do this past week?
How are you staying healthy during this time of flu and illness?   It has hit my home hard and has been ongoing for about 6 weeks.  I can hardly wait for spring!!!!  I keep saying that but it is the mantra in my head....spring will come so I just have to hang on. :)

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