Wednesday, January 23, 2013

My Daughter's Sonnet.

My daughter has been working this month on learning how to write a Shakespearean Sonnet.  She has worked so hard and did it all herself.  She gets more points if she tries to use language from that day.  I think she did an incredible job...especially for a 1 2 year old. Today while I am recovering from what appears to be a second round of the flu and haven't finished the items I was going to share with you today  I decided I would share her Sonnet.   Please leave her some positive comments.  :)

None Shine Brighter
Ones light cannot shine brighter than the sun.
Though even thy light is beyond compare.
Thy body is so thin, thy skin dull, and dunn.
But no matter, such beauty is quite rare.
None can fathom such unique artistry.
For thy beauty goes completely unmatched.
Thou are not defined by thy ancestry.
Through bitter darkness thy light is unlatched.
But in time thy light has ever lessened.
None brave as thee, and none foolish as thee.
And one cannot waste one’s time through hasten.
Ah, but such sweet sorrow thou bring me.
     To one tragic, terrible end thou had.
     Now no longer can thou make me go mad.

By Brenley ~ 


quailene said...

Wow! Awesome!

Brad said...

Brenley, you did an incredible job on this!! So proud of you!!

The Loves said...

I am impressed, Brenley! Your writing is really quite good and shows a level of maturity that is rare in someone your age! Good job!!

Mary said...

Brenley- Are you SURE you're only 12? Very well done!

Brenley Horrocks said...

I am very sure that I am 12. My teacher is just really awesome.