Monday, January 21, 2013

Matching Mondays~ Featuring 16 year old Steven.

I received some wonderful news from a sweet friend.
This friend and her fun hubby have adopted children through an agency and then they decided to go to Foster Care.   They currently have 2 little boys in their care.   They are working with the Case Worker and Mother towards reunification.   They just recently had another addition...a sweet baby boy placed with them through the foster care system..but this little guy will be staying with them.   There is more to this story than what I am saying but I am hoping she will write to tell you herself on a future post.
 Working in Foster Care is an amazing experience.  I remember this special feeling which lingered in our home during the years we fostered.   We gave our whole hearts to each child and we received more love back than we ever thought our hearts could hold.   I miss working as a Foster Parent and hope someday I get to do it again.
If you are thinking of Fostering....act on the feelings you have.   Most likely the desire is there for a special reason.   You can be the light in the life of a child who has been through hard things.    You can be an answer to prayers.   Don't be afraid of the "goodbye" part of will hurt, but you will be so thankful you got to say "Hello" to that child!   And the love you have for them remains in your heart and helps you love others more deeply.
Love multiplies!

“Foster Parents are the arms that hold and comfort the babies who cry into the night because everything familiar to them is gone, through no fault of their own.” — Kelly Peterson, CEO
If hope to adopt a child but wonder if it could happen for your through Foster to Adopt...Last year in the
state of Utah over 500 foster children were adopted by Foster Parents.  If you are willing to open your heart to help children and families stay together one day there will be a child who needs to stay in your family...forever.
~Today I am featuring Steven age 16.
"With an enormous and creative 
imagination, it is no wonder Steven has such a love for reading, especially about Star Wars and science. When he isn’t busy beating someone at Star Wars 
trivia, you can find him playing video games, card games, or watching a 
movie. Building model cars and airplanes and playing with animals, 
especially dogs, are other activities that he finds enjoyable. His dream is to someday become a helicopter pilot.

Steven is attending the tenth grade this year and benefits from an IEP (Individualized Education Plan. He attends counseling, which will need to continue after placement.

This teen needs a family who will offer him a stable, secure, committed and 
loving home. If you think you could be part of Steven’s forever family, we urge you to inquire. Financial assistance may be available for adoption-related 
services. "
To learn more or inquire about Steven please click on the his name .

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