Saturday, July 13, 2013

13th Anniversary of our very first Face to Face.

Thirteen Years ago today Brad and I met a beautiful girl who changed our lives forever.
The entire day I continually had a thought enter my mind
"She will be in labor when you meet her".
I thought I was just hoping ...Brenley's due date was still a month away.
As we sat in the agency office we got word that Stacey was at the hospital and her water broke.
Her doctor felt it was important for her to meet us so he allowed her to come and have a quick meeting with us.
It was an amazing meeting!!!
I will never forget that day!
Brenley came into the world at 1:43AM on the 14th of July.
We got to pick her up when she was just 36 hours old.
So very thankful for Stacey, for adoption and for the blessings that come from a loving Heavenly Father!
Today we celebrate Brenley, her sweet Birth Mother and the opportunity to be parents!

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