Thursday, July 11, 2013

-40 by my 40th - Update

It has been a long time since I reported on my weight loss journey.  
I recently had gum grafting surgery
(that didn't "take" I get to do it all over again.  boo!!!) and I thought I would drop some weight but NO!  I gained!!!!   So I started yet again.  I am now down 7 I am not so sure I will get to -40 by my 40th birthday but I am still working on it.   I get to do my next gum grafting surgery in Sept.  I am learning from my past mistakes and plan to drink protein shakes rather than east popsicles and ice cream.  Cold just felt soooo good on my poor sore gums.   It was so very not fun.  
Dreading doing it again.
Wish me luck!
How are you doing on your goals?
*Note:  yes I know my grammar is horrible in this post but sometimes there is just no other way to express myself.  ;)

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Kim said...

You're going to laugh at me here, but if there is a rescue by you, I suggest volunteer walking the dogs for 45 minutes a day. I've lost weight since fostering Biscuit, and I know it's because we're walking.