Thursday, August 1, 2013

17 Day Diet ~ Day 17 results

Well I took a chance and tried something new and it is paying off!   Yeay!!!
A few weeks ago I was browsing through my city library and came upon this book called The 17 Day Diet.   I felt impressed to check it I did.
I am excited to share the results with you.
The 17 Day Diet works like this:
There are 4 cycles
1: Accelerate
2. Activate
3. Achieve
4. Arrive
After 17 days on one cycle you move to the next cycle.   I am on day 17 of cycle 1.  During cycle one you don't each very many carbs.  I have two fruits a day and can eat lots of lean meats and veggies`. You are also allowed yogurt as long as it is lower in sugar.  I have had to incorporate a few more sugars into my diet due to my hypoglycemic condition.  So my yogurt I use is plain with lower amount of sugar than other brands but it is higher than what the diet suggests. 
Once I start on cycle 2 Activate there are many more food choices.  It gradually increases each cycle until you are maintaining your weight where you eat healthy foods all week but then on the weekend you can enjoy your favorite foods as long as you aren't going overboard.   

So I stepped on the scale today.   I have lost 6.8 pounds during these 17 days.   That is about .4 loss each day.   This brings my total lose to 14 pounds.   Shortly before I began this program I had re-started taking those steps I know I need to to lose weight...small things like water, not eating late etc.   So I had lost about 7 pounds before I started but it took me lots of weeks to lose that 7 pounds.   I would have lost more during these 17 days but I had 4 days when I didn't follow it well and one of those days I really didn't follow at all due to not being prepared while out of town.   The first 17 days is hard at first but I noticed after the first day it got easier and easier.   My cravings for sugar stopped and my stomach discomfort I have been dealing with since Disnelyand in March stopped.   My body likes this way of eating and I can feel it!   I gained 4 pounds while out of town and had to re-lose that weight so I imagine if I would have stuck with it better while out of town I would have lost about 18 pounds as of today.   But I am happy with my results and have learned some things through my mistakes of not planning ahead.   

I realize I won't make my 40 pounds loss goal by my birthday but I am hoping I can get to at least a 20 pound loss.   I am excited to see how things go on cycle 2.  
 I will keep you posted.
On Tuesday I have a special guest post written by Sandy Getzky who is an associate editor for Prove My Meds.   Some great tips about weight loss on a budget.
Don't miss it! :)


Unknown said...

You are awesome. That is great progress.

SmallAdventures said...

Thanks Leisha....but you are more awesome. ;) Wish I could have met for dinner. Bummer!