Tuesday, January 14, 2014


I love this quote!!!  I am totally out of my comfort zone so I guess I must be growing! 

It has been a long time since I have written here on my blog....my online home.
I have really missed it!!!
I am feeling lots of feelings lately and really need a place to express them so here I am....stopping in.
Brad and I were asked to be Chairs for and adoption organization back in  May of 2013.   Since then we have jumped in and helped build the incredible organization...even helping to hold the first annual adoption conference.   It has been a very busy 8 months.   We are learning so many new things...most of them positive....all of them helpful.   One thing I didn't expect to learn is how lonely leadership came be.   People don't always know what you have given up in your life to accomplish goals, get to meetings and serve in the quiet ways no one sees.   I am being reminded lately I can't please everyone and I also can't share why I can't please that person or that person...sometimes Brad and I know circumstances no one else knows about and we can't share the information.   So we just have to turn the other check when someone is ticked off.   As you can see I am a little frustrated....a little tired and a little crabby.  This will pass and I will feel excited and enjoy serving...but tonight I just needed to write and get it off my heart.  If feels kind of heavy.

One really fun thing Brad and I got to do in November 
was be interviewed for a radio show called "The Apple Seed".  It was so fun.   You can hear our interview in the second 30ish minutes of this radio show.  I think our story starts around minute 36 or so.

I hope I will be stopping in to post here more often...I can tell I need to share, write and express and this is my favorite place to do those things.   I have been going through many things the past few months.   I didn't realize until this week just how much writing is part of how I deal with my stress.   My blog posts aren't always peppy and happy but at least I am keeping it real. lol :)  Now I am off to watch Sunday's episode of Downton Abby.   


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