Saturday, June 25, 2016

The Day I Played.

One afternoon I had just settled down into the world’s best recliner (seriously…best money ever spent at RC Willey) and was very ready for a moment to myself.   My little Spencer comes up to me for the millionth time that week and asked me to play Lego’s with him.   I really don’t want to….I just want “my time”.   But something about the way he is looking at me this time makes me realize he really needs me.    So I put on my super mom cape and go to the business of doing what moms do best…..sacrifice their time for their child’s needs.   At least that is what I was thinking at the time.

I sat down at the tiny red Lego table Brad and I made for our boys for Christmas. The tiny red chair, way too small for my backside but not too uncomfortable became my station in this world he created.   The playing begins….I decided to put some of my own imagination into it and the story started unfolding.   Spencer became Batman and I was just Brenda but I was helping Batman.    I starting introducing non-Lego toys into the play and things starting getting a little giggly.   But when I placed Joker on the Lego horse and then put a Littlest Pet Shop acorn in Joker’s hand and called it a Cherry bomb, Spencer laughed so hard he couldn’t talk.   I also saw the awesome silly humor and caught the laughing bug.   Before I knew it we were both laughing so hard we couldn’t play for a few minutes.   Then things got really crazy and the laughing became hysterical!   In that moment I was really truly present with my sweet little boy and having more fun and releasing more stress then I ever could by sitting in the world’s best recliner.   

I learned a great lesson that day.   It wasn’t me putting on a super mom cape and sacrificing my time for my child’s need.   The superhero was really Spencer.   He helped me relax, have fun and laugh away my concerns of the day.    He was taking his time away from his short childhood to include me in his imagination play.    What an amazing privilege it was to be invited into his amazing world!!!

I now look forward to our continued “game” in Spencer’s Lego world.  Best therapy ever!!!!
I love my Super Spencer.
Hero of my heart!

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