Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Day

This morning we awoke to little feet fluttering into our bedroom followed by the inevitable question..."Can we go down and see what the Easter Bunny left us?". I felt like I had just gone to sleep so I wanted to say; "go ahead without me"... but then my Mom brain kicked in and I knew I didn't want to miss out so I pulled myself out of bed and realized that not only were Brenley and Haley wide awake but so was Ashanti. She seemed to know it was a special day. Camden was also alert and ready to see what all this excitement was about.
The kids found their baskets and the eggs the bunny had left behind. Everyone was happy. Aside from candy Brenley received a new game called "Guess Who?". Haley received a new barbie from the "Mariposa" movie. Camden was very excited to recieve some new hot wheels cars/trucks. He LOVES Brad's old hot wheels from his childhood days...but we fear there may be lead in the paint, so the Easter bunny brought just the right gift! A. got new cute pink binki's. Brad and I even got a gift this year....a big yummy milk chocolate bunny. The bunny happened to leave a family gift as well....the DVD "Enchanted" which we love! Thank You Easter bunny!
After the kids had eaten way more sugar than any child should ever be allowed, we rounded everyone up and got ready for church. The kids looked so cute in their new Easter clothes! My sister, Diane, made the dresses for Brenley and Haley, purchased a darling dress for Ashanti and a cute outfit for Camden. His outfit wasn't an outfit for church so we put him in his new outfit after church. You can see all the new outfits in the family picture we took at Brad's parents house.
Easter is about new life or new beginnings. How special it is for us to be able to have A. here with us for her first Easter. She is such a special little girl who has brought something special to our home! This was a fun day for our family! We hope you had a special Easter as well!

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