Friday, October 10, 2008

"Weightier Matters"

I follow politics. I haven't always, but the past two years I have followed more than ever before. I am disturbed by things I see happening. There is one topic that I have always felt passionate about and that passion has only grown as we have brought children into our home through adoption and foster care. I bet you can is abortion. Some time ago I felt confused over what it meant to have free agency vs pro-choice. I started to research online and found this talk given by Elder Oaks that answered all of my questions. I had a conversation today about abortion and this talk came to my mind. I have talked with active Latter Day Saints who claim to be pro-choice. I personally don't understand that point of view. Nothing is easy about a crisis pregnancy and I feel for those struggling with decisions. I believe abortion is not the answer.
I think of women who feels life is important and knows from the very beginning she will give her baby life. Then this woman goes further and gives the baby what she wants to give by choosing to make an adoption plan. She chooses a family, she chooses the type of life her child will have and she chooses the type of adoption she will accept. She is then able to make better choices for her own future and a chance to have success in whatever she chooses.
When these women make the difficult decision to make an adoption plan and know they have chosen wisely for their child their ability to make and follow through allows them to have a greater capacity to make hard decisions in their future. It seems to me there is more freedom of choice when life is put first.
Every child has the right to life and the fact that there are around 1.31 million abortions taking place each year makes my heart ache. No matter where you stand on this volatile issue please take time to read this talk.


Jessica said...

Hey Brenda! I also wanted to let you know in this months Ensign there is a wonderful article on abortion and it talks about ADOPTION! YIPEE!! I hope you are doing well! I miss seeing you guys!

Toad, Lizard & Squidney said...

I was also going to tell you to read the article in this months Ensign. It is very cut and dry no waffling here. I especially love the comparison of free agency and the astronaut. I was also happy to see the bit about adoption at the end.

It's ME! -- Christie -- said...

I could not agree more...AMEN> Life IS the adoption and more often than not, that leads to adoption. I wish people would think of these precious little ones and the right that they have to LIFE! Ok, now you've gone and got me on my soap box! heehee