Thursday, November 6, 2008


I have been reading the last book from the Twilight series "Breaking Dawn".
Brad purchased the boxed set for me and gave it to me as a surprise Anniversary present.
I just finished it tonight and have found irony in the saving of little "Nessie".
I love the happy forever family ending...
It is what I wish for every moment these days.
A Happy ending with Baby A.
An ending that includes her here with us in our home.
I wish I was like "Bella". I wish I could use my shield to protect my special baby.
But I am not supernatural or immortal.
But I know someone who is.
I am trying to hang on to that thought.

Today was a little better than the previous ones.
I think prayers are helping me through.
I know I am not walking through this myself.

Mornings are the hardest....well mornings and night time.
I miss the days when I had her all to myself.

I hope tomorrow is a good day....I like feeling a little more normal.
I hope pain can stay at bay for tomorrow.

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