Monday, November 10, 2008

My last night

Last night was my last night..
To feed her a nighttime bottle.
Hold her tight as she fell asleep.
To tuck her in with her favorite blankets and watch her grab it and rub her sweet little face into it.
To check on her a few times before I finally went to sleep.
To feel secure in the knowledge of where she is and that she is safe and sound.
To watch her beautiful face as she sleeps.

I didn't know that last night would be the last time I would tuck my sweet Baby A. in....but it was.
I am so thankful she fell asleep in my arms on our last night together.

Baby A. has changed my life forever.
I will never be the Brenda I was before.
I see people differently now.
The last fear I had related to adoption is now gone.
How is it that a little baby could teach me so much?
If only we could listen to little children more than we do....
our lives would be touched in ways we cannot imagine.

I get one more day with Baby A.
Wednesday is the day!
I will be counting the hours.
I hope time will stand still for just a moment or two
so I can take in her smell,
her little cute voice and
her beautiful face
to last me until I can see her again someday.


Anonymous said...

my prayers are with you brenda as you go through this, i will be thinking fo you on Wednesday especially.

Mandee Lue said...

Be strong, sweet Brenda. I believe her life will never be the same, and would never have been as good if it hadn't been for you and all your love. Love you.

Nemmer said...

My heart aches for you and you'll be in our prayers as sweet Baby A moves on to the next part of her life.

Kim said...

Tears sweet Brenda. I have been praying my heart out that the plan that is best will unfold. I keep thinking of a friend I have through blogging, she is a foster mother and they had this same situation, her words have comforted me many times.

Her name is Leisha too.

Praying for you dear friend. May Heavenly Father hold you and her in his hands for the next little while. Loves.

Kelly said...

Thinking of you today.