Monday, January 5, 2009

New Year ~ New Goals

Each year I set too many new year goals.
So I decided to learn from my mistakes and just set a couple.
But it was hard to narrow the list so I am also creating a list of "ideas for the year".
Hopefully this way I can focus on my goals and if I get to the ideas then great...
but if I don't I don't have to feel like a complete failure. :)

2009 New Year Resolutions
What would new years be without the weight loss goal?
1. I plan to lose 40 pounds by Jan 1. 2010.
By April 1st having the first 20 pounds gone. I feel this is very do-able.
2. Family Home Evening Lessons planned and prepared by the Friday before.
3. Personal Gospel study 4 times a week.

2009 Ideas
Hand make many of the Christmas gifts
(I would say what I have in mind but then it would ruin the surprise next December)
Bring back family game night
10-20 minutes of gospel study with each child individually 4 times a week.
Have kids help make dinner: 1 child 1 time each week individually.
1 time each week teach voice to my children.
At least 2 dates with Brad each month.

I may add to the idea list if I feel I am doing well..but this looks like a great start!
What are your new year goals?

1 comment:

Jill Johnson said...

Brenda -
My new year goal is to make homemade Christmas gifts as well & to lose 40-50lbs as well....maybe we could be each other's cheerleaders! I will ask how your gifts and weight are coming on a monthly basis :)