Thursday, January 22, 2009

Perspective changes the view.

I was in DCFS today to drop "little edward" off for a visit with his family.
I got there a little early so I went into our caseworkers office. As I traveled through the building I had to go through this big room full of people to get to the hall I needed to be in.
This room was full of what I thought were high school students. I was trying to figure out what they were doing there so I thought maybe they had a project where they got to go find out what social workers do on a daily basis. Kind of like a project to help kids know what type of career they might want to go into.
I wondered if they could be teens that were in foster care but they all looked so sharp and smart and happy that I thought it couldn't be foster kids.....could it????

About an hour after this took place I came back into DCFS to pick up "little edward" and all the teens were in the lobby waiting for....WHAT???? Did I hear that someone was waiting for their "Foster Mom"????
Did I ever learn a HUGE lesson tonight!
I knew teens in foster care wern't aliens or anything.
But people always acted like they were ALL trouble.
These teens made me smile!
The girls were beautiful and smiley and polite and the guys were handsome and smiley and flirting with the girls (or course). They were like the kids I worked with when I was in Young Womens in my last ward.
In that moment I just wanted to adopt them all!
My view about teens in foster care changed when I got a better perspective.
Maybe yours will too?

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