Friday, February 6, 2009

Sweet Success

OK if you hate bragging then don't read this post....because that is all I am doing. :)
Isn't that a mother's right from time to time?
Well we are experiencing some things to be very happy about.
Actually...I feel like REJOICING!
Brenley is doing fabulous in all areas of school....not just good but really great!!
Haley, who is our kindergartner, is already at the reading level that kindergartners are at the end of school year.
(this is a huge deal for our family since it was the other way around with Brenley...who is beyond caught up now)
and then there is my
"little Stitch".
Camden is......POTTY TRAINED!!!!!
If you know much about my family you will know why this is such a huge deal.
Little Edward is sleeping through the night! feels great!!!
These are not big things in the eyes of many but they are pieces of success that I am enjoying this week!
Way to go Kiddo's!!!!!!

After posting this we found out that Brenley was awarded a certificate for scoring in the top 10% nationally in the Iowa Tests.
We are so happy with all of her progress!!!
Good Job Brenley!!!

Ok I will stop bragging now. :)


Holly, Bryan, Owen, Sasha said...

Congratulations! I was scared to go to Parent teacher conferences yesterday thinking "what if she tells me he is not doing as well as he should", so I am glad yours turned out well too. I am so happy all your kids are accomplishing so much! Way to go!

Tanya Hermansen said...

Each one is a huge milestone in the life of a mother. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

Toad, Lizard & Squidney said...

Congratulations. These are HUGE successes and you deserve to brag. You're guys are awesome parents.

Kim said...

What perfect little kids. Oh my the potty training is perhaps the best of all...although sleeping through the night and being a good reader come pretty close. What wonderful things to be rejoicing in.