Sunday, April 19, 2009

HELP Requested!

My Sister, Diane, works for UHEAA (Utah Higher Education Assistance Authority).
My sister (along with everyone who works at UHEAA) is VERY concerned about what President Obama wants to do with Student Loans.
He wants the Federal Goverment to run student loans.
Well you know how fun it is to get information or action regarding a social security number or anything else that the federal goverment runs....think of how it will be for students to try to get loan issues worked out or to even get a loan.
In my opinion nationalizing federal loans is a BAD IDEA!!!!
If Obama gets what he wants MANY Utahns and anyone working in this field will lose their jobs.
It will also cause problems for students seeking student loans.

Please go here and find out more.
Please join and help keep student loans in the hands of our local community.
Go here to find out how you can help!
This is urgent and happening now so please help today!
Please post this on your blog and email it to family and friends!
Use your voice!!!


Chel said...

In my opinion... Obama wants control of EVERYTHING and most of it a VERY BAD idea.

This is just one more thing that makes me want to throw my hands up in the air (or stones!) :)

In 4 years, I hope everyone is voting him out.

mrs. r said...

he is also trying to make laws regarding blogging (gah!) and attempting to take away the adoption tax credit.

i agree with chel.