Monday, April 20, 2009

Matching Monday

Waiting Children....are you the one they are waiting for??

Robin is an Infant in California.

She needs a family in the Souther CA area.
(but if you are interested and don't live in southern CA you could still call and find out more IMHO)
Read about this little tiny sweetie here.

Zachary 5 & Patrick 3 live in Missouri and they would like to grow up together!
Check out these cute brothers here .
This site won't allow me to give a direct link so after you go to the site search by ID number.
Zachary's ID #: 8216 (will bring up info for both boys)

Jamie is a beautiful 14 year old from Utah who is hoping for a family.
Read about her here.


evil social worker said...

I really like that you do this. Keep up the good work!

Brenda said...

Thanks evil one. LOL It has helped me feel like in some tiny itty bitty way I am helping. It is hard to see sooo many waiting.

Thank you for all you do!!! You are the best in my opinion. :)