Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I can relate to this picture today.
I am once again on my lovely hormones so that I can function "normally"...whatever that is.
So I feel like this ugly, grouchy, emotional mess.
Everything that goes wrong seems SO BIG!
And all I want to do is cry or scream....or both.
There is so much going on right now with the FSA conference coming up...loose ends that needs to be checked on and then there is our presentation that isn't all the way ready.
this along with a bunch of other stuff that has been happening
I feel like quitting!
but I won't
I need a Diet Coke with a lime!
Someone please remind me that in about a week I will feel better!!


Savannah said...

We are so excited for Conference this year so don't worry, all your hard work will be greatly appreciated. I wish I was closer so I could help some, even if it was as simple as tracking down that lime and diet coke for you!

Brenda said...

LOL!!!!! Thanks for your comment! I totally needed to giggle for a moment. LOL I would love it if you lived closer (and had limes in your fridge)! We would totally put you to work. :) lol

Your awesome!

Jill Oberhansley Johnson said...

I feel the same way..wanna quit - everything that can go wrong is going wrong etc....- except I just want a Pepsi!

You will make it through this.....you are just pretty busy right now. :)

Adrienne said...

Praying for you and I know you'll get through this because you are amazing! We too are way exctied for the conference and know that it will be great.